12 oz

6 bottles


Product Description

Like our Amber Cider, Dark & Dry 802 is made with a blend of apples and champagne yeast but caramelized sugar is added just before filtering to impart a deep bronze tone. White sugar is used in the Amber Cider. Heres how The Beverage Tasting Institute describes it: Woodchuck Dark & Dry Cider is "Tawny brown, has a medium light body, mild bitterness, mild sweetness reminiscent of apple, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Well defined and quite tart on the palate with a mouthwatering refreshing character. "A deep bronze, this was the darkest specimen yet. 'Rich sweet flavor, with some sharp notes,' commented Goldman. 'The most complex yet no lapses from nose to finish,' maintained Raunswinder. Several of the tasters detected non-apple flavors such as cherry or cinnamon. Woodchuck Dark & Dry was named best of show at the Albany International Beer Festival last year. It also gleaned the highest score from our panel." Barley Corn Magazine


Varietal: Cider

Region: Northeast