1.75 L


Product Description

A light, delicately flavored whisky, Windsor® Canadian is Canadas smoothest. Windsor is made from cereal grains grown near Calgary, Alberta, combined with the pure, clear glacial stream water of Western Canada and aged in the dry, mile-high Canadian Rocky Mountains. BRAND FACTS Ingredients: Windsor is made with the purest Canadian glacial mountain water and aged gently in the mile-high Canadian Rockies. Value: Moderately priced and known for its smoothness and mixability. Quality: Rated 81 by the Beverage Testing Institute. Color: Dark gold. Medium body. Dry. Aroma: Reminiscent of peach, honey, clove, pine. Taste: Packs in plenty of grainy wood notes with fruit and fragrance. Finish: Rich, assertive texture. Windsor is the Canadian Whisky leader in Northern states on the Canadian borderPennsylania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota. This pattern is said to be partially due to in-roads made by smugglers during U.S. Prohibition.


Varietal: Whiskey

Region: Canada