Pinot Noir


Pinot Noir

750 ML


Product Description

Vibrant and explosive aromas of roses, cherries and wild strawberries dominate with hints of sweet juice and warm spices. Flavors mirror aromas with strawberries, and cherries dominating complemented by juicy and spicy characters. The mouthfeel is soft, round, juicy and well-balanced with fresh acidity which highlights the fruitiness. Peak drinkability is 2008-2010. Serving Suggestions: Wonderful by itself or with turkey, hamburgers, pizza, grilled fish, lighter wild fowl, or pasta dishes with sun dried tomatoes. Serve at slightly lower than room temperature or moderately chilled on warmer days.


Varietal: Pinot Noir

Region: Willamette Valley

Region Description:

Stretches from Portland in the north to Eugene in the south. A majority of the Willamette Valley vineyards lie on the foothills of the Coast Range that forms the western edge of the valley.