Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

750 ML


Product Description

Nose: Vanilla, with fruit (apricots), light leather, with and ending or a little orange peel. On the second and third smell I get a little caramel and brown sugar and a little oak the longer it sits the stronger the leather gets and tobacco begins to creep in Taste: Leather, oak strong, light vanilla and brown Finish: 0-15 leather, nits, warming, orange peal… I think it has what is referred to as a rye edge. Caramel and molasses come in, but not overwhelming. 15-30 seconds I slow on the leather and the vanilla and molasses strengthen. 30-45-60 seconds a mellowing and blending of all the flavors… nice not a distinct step in the 45 second range unlike the RB and 1855


Varietal: Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

Region: Kentucky