Charles Bove Brut


750 ML


Product Description

Sparkling Wine: is composed of a selection of juice from the vineyards of the Loire Valley and is 100% Chenin Blanc. The wine is made according to traditional methods; during the bottle fermentation and maturation, it is kept lying on lathes for more than 18 months. The wine is a light golden color, with small, long-lasting bubbles. It is full and frothy upfront, with almond, fig and pear flavors.


Varietal: Brut

Region: Vouvray

Region Description:

Vouvray is a cool climate region with limestone and chalk soil located on the north shore of the Loire River. Wine production in Vouvray has been recorded as early as the fifth century when Saint Martin of Tours introduced the Chenin Blanc grape to the region. By Law a Vouvray wine must be made of 100 percent Chenin Blanc and can be found ranging from sec (dry) to fully sweet (Moelleux) or sparkling. A typical Vouvray exhibits quince, honey, or almond flavors.