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Product Description

The Northwoods of Minnesota is a borderlands. Picture boreal forests and interconnected waterways, where fog and reflections can make it easy to mistake land, water and sky. Its a landscape traversable by canoe in the summer, by foot in the Spring and Fall andfor the braveskis and snowshoes in Winter. Our Boreal Gins are inspired by the wildness of this place, by its purity and its quiet astonishments. Blending foraged botanicals from the Northwoods with the backbone spices of traditional gins, they reflect what we know in our bones about Northern nature and its flavors. Our gins have a gentle color imparted by foraged wild botanicals. Theyre not too proud for gin and tonics, but damn well good enough for sipping. Theyre the perfect companion on a portage through the North country (remember, no glass!). But, if youre not fortunate enough to experience this amazing landscape yourself, with these gins at least you can still drink it in. Boreal Gins are for adventurersbe they intrepid mixologists, hikers, snowshoers or canoeists. Each is anchored by one of the unique flavors of Northern Minnesota. JUNIPER BOREAL GIN A traditional dry gin, floral and inflected with Northern flavors like rhubarb. PURCHASE SHARE


Varietal: Gin

Region: Minnesota