750 ML


Product Description

The Ojibwe called it Gichi-gami, meaning big water. French explorers called it Le Lac Superieur, meaning Upper Lake. Following the French and Indian War, the English kept the name, on account of its being superior in magnitude. Lake Superior is, in fact, the worlds largest body of freshwater. Our aquavit is named Øvrevann, Norwegian for Upper Lake, or Lake Superior. Aquavit is the original Scandinavian distilled spirit. Its infused with caraway and cardamom, fundamental spices in Scandinavian cuisine. An early Norwegian version was aged in oak barrels on ocean voyages to Australia. According to Norwegian lore, it was something magic about the two trips across the equator that made it so delicious. Call it the audacity of the immigrant, perhaps, but we tried to make our aquavit even better. We conjured the spirit of our bearded Viking ancestors as well as the culinary background Scandinavian immigrants brought to America. Weve rounded out the traditional caraway with flavors of lympaa sweet rye bread. Rich and aromatic, Øvrevann Aquavit™ is piquant and refreshing to sip alongside smoked fish or to cut the fat after a heavy holiday meal. Its a foundation for excellent Nordic-leaning cocktails, but can also help you weather the squalls like a Viking. Skål!


Varietal: Aquavit

Region: Minnesota