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Product Description

Wine type: Sherry Varietals: Palomino Fino Varietal Notes: Palomino Fino Vineyard: The grapes come from Macharnudo Alto and vines in excess of 25 years old Orientation: The vineyard faces the south east with and inclination of 10 degrees and at an altitude of 135 meters high. Soil: Albariza or a white chalky soil. When wet it sheds water to deeper soils and as it dries it "clods" creating a protective layer that slows the evaporation of water from below. Viticulture: The vines are bush pruned in the traditional method. Vinification: The wine is fermented naturally in very old oak barrels. They remain in this "sobretabla" for 1 year fermenting to about 12% alcohol and forming the flor. The wine is then removed from the lees and fortified to 15% and introduced to the first "criadera" or level of the Tio Diego solera. Aging: The wine undergoes biological aging under veil of flor for over 8 years and then fortified to above 17% for oxidative aging for 6+ years. There are 10 criaderas + the Solera. Production: There is 1 "saca" or bottling per year in the winter which helps weaken the flor slowly over time. Notes: Medium intensity and amber in color. Clear notes of it having aged under flor, with aromas of dried fruits and hazel nuts and a touch of toffee or caramel. On the palate it is very dry, wide and well balanced with refreshing acidity.


Varietal: Sherry

Region: Jerez/Xérès/Sherry

Region Description:

Jerez is one of the oldest wine producing towns in Spain. Around 1490 trade had been established with the French and the British. The French and British adopted their own names for the wine which is why you will see all three names one a label of Xeres. (Jerez / Xerez /Sherry) The global positioning of the Jerez region plays a big part in regulating its climate. Like many semi-coastal regions, the ocean winds have a strong influence on the weather. In the 1800's, a vine disease called Phyloxerra destroyed many varieties that once grew in this region. Of the three grapes planted in Jerez today, Palimino accounts for 95 percent of the total vineyard area.