Wheat Ale


Abbey Dubbel

12 oz

1 bottle


Product Description

Urthel Vlaemse Bock Once again, a highly idiosyncratic offering from Hildegard. Called Bock as a nod toward the familiar German style of that name, this beer has much more in common with a Dubbel. The word "Vlaemse" is rough slang for "Flemish" and should give the drinker a clue about the beer. Indeed, Hildegard seems to imply that Dubbel is the Bock of Belgium. Dark russet in color with a faintly tan rocky foam. Spicy and slightly hoppy in the nose, with familiar herbal overtones present to some degree in all Urthel beers. The flavor is surprisingly dry and hoppy, with beautiful cocoa and nutty flavors. Enjoy this beer with sauerkraut and sausages for a pan-European festival.


Varietal: Abbey Dubbel

Region: Netherlands