750 ML


Product Description

At a time when most American Rosé wines have either an overabundance of residual sugar or are flabby and lacking in acidity, we here at Toad Hollow continue to produce true French-Style, bone dry, and elegant Rosé wine produced from the noble Pinot Noir grape. This is our NINTH vintage of Pinot Noir Rosé and, by far, our best to date. The wine has incredible body and weight for a Rosé of Pinot Noir. The color is a beautiful pink with a hint of Beaujolais blue. This wine has a nose of rose petals and violets. Whether in sun or shade, this is a truly dry, uncomplicated statement of Pinot Noir at its lightest and most delicate which we proudly call our ROSÉ. It is very important to keep all sources of sugar out of Rosé and allow the classic grapes to speak for themselves. This wine is uncluttered by any real or imagined saccharin-like improvements to the breed. There are many people out there that are bold enough to taste our Rosé and are converted to its single honest statement of here come the grapes…grab some as they come by. Spice and pepper bring out the wonderful wild strawberry flavors. A wine that is great with sushi and wasabi or spicy Thai food.


Varietal: Rose

Region: Sonoma County