Wheat Ale



750 ML

1 bottle


Product Description

The Auroch's Horn is a modern reinterpretation of ancient ale brewed throughout Europe more than two thousand years ago. Ale was a staple of the barbarian diet, with Roman historians documenting a beverage made with barley, wheat, and honey in Britannia, Gaul, and Germania. The ale was consumed from the horn of the auroch (or aurochs), a now extinct wild bull. Tasting Notes: Distinctly honey with complementing yeast, fruit, and alcohol notes. Well balanced. Golden with a brown hue from the honey and caramelization in the kettle. Thick frothy white foam. Serving Suggestions: The Auroch's Horn is designed to be served at cellar temperatures, 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit. Pour with or without the lees; a good way to distribute the lees is by pouring the first half of the bottle, gently swirling the bottle, and then finishing the pour.


Varietal: Ale

Region: Minnesota