1 L


Product Description

Created under the watchful eye and uncompromising senses of our Master Distiller, No.TEN by Tanqueray is the only gin in the world distilled with handpicked, whole-fruit fresh botanicals. And Tanqueray No.TEN is produced exclusively in a special small batch still aptly dubbed "Tiny Ten," which is specifically designed to provide for the exquisite depth and character of the resulting spirit.

Upon opening the bold, strikingly handsome, rich green bottle of No.TEN by Tanqueray gin, your senses will be drawn to a fresh, bracing aroma. Pouring a cocktail unwraps the essence of such bright citrus flavors as grapefruit, orange and lime, mixed harmoniously with juniper and accented by the slightest tease of soothing chamomile. You'll be rewarded with its smooth, crisp finish.

No.TEN by Tanqueray is so smooth and flavorful that it can even be enjoyed chilled, neat. The martini, back in vogue, is now capable of becoming a memorable experience with a delicious Perfect TEN Martini. For with its exquisite depth and character, No.TEN by Tanqueray will truly redefine the classic.


Varietal: Gin

Region: United Kingdom