750 ML


Product Description

Nose: Mellow on the nose, which I found to be different than your typical American whiskey. Diamond Peak brings warm subtle scents to the table; hints of warm banana bread, cinnamon, spiced apples, and walnuts are present but very subtle. Additionally Im picking up a hint of creamed corn, which I also found to be present in the standard version of Stranahans, however much lighter in the Diamond Peak version. This is slightly odd, since this is the equivalent of a 4 year malted scotch made with no corn. Palate: The palate is sweet and light. Apple and oak are the first flavors to immediately pop out the moment I take a sip. Behind them I get hints of vanilla, honey, light toffee, and dried fruit. Its a really nice flavor profile and one that quickly coats your whole mouth. Youll want to hold this one in for just a few extra seconds before swallowing to make sure you notice all the subtle flavors the palate contains. Finish: The finish brings a nice mix of heat and light flavors. An initial coating of warmth fills your mouth along with mixed dried fruit and dried apple slices. Its a lighter flavor profile than preferred, but one that is still enjoyable.


Varietal: Whiskey

Region: Colorado