Bourbon Whiskey

750 ML


Product Description

Bourbon: John B. Stetson Bourbon Distillery: A Kentucky distiller. However, Vision Wine & Spirits tell u Regrettably since it is private label for Stetson, we are not allowed to divulge the distiller Availability: NY, NJ, CT, DE, MD, DC, FL, IL, IN, MN, TN, TX, CA, OR and more to come. Proof: 84 Proof, 42% ABV Color: Light amber Nose: Sweet corn, citrus, nice prevalence of alcohol. Taste: Enters with mild butterscotch, corn, and a lovely mash flavor expresses itself. The grains are distinct yet smooth on mouthfeel. The higher proof than the typical 4 year bourbon allows the release of defined warmth and boldness with a light and welcomed bite. Overall, the flavor is straightforward enough for the novice whiskey drinker, yet unique for enthusiasts to enjoy. Finish: Slightly dry, fresh and spicy.


Varietal: Bourbon Whiskey

Region: Kentucky