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We have for many years produced a Chardonnay to compare with the finest in Napa and the world. It features the qualities expected in such a wine, with ripe fruit and barrel and malolactic fermentation contributing to a toasty, buttery, rich, big white wine. Now, for something completely different. No barrels. No secondary fermentation. Chardonnay, pure, but oh so far from simple. Using gently pressed free run juice from just-ripe estate grapes, a chilled stainless steel fermentor and techniques adapted from our success with Sauvignon Blanc, as well as a sensibility inspired by our predecessors in Champagne and Chablis, we dare to strip Chardonnay down to its essence. This wine is subtle, satisfyingly complex, complete, and hard to put down. It has delicate touches one finds in wine that has seen barrels, without the heavy hand of oak. Instead of wood, the grapes and yeast together supplied a whiff of nutmeg, sweet vanilla, and the savory smell of oven-fresh golden-crusted bread (without the butter.) The character of unadulterated Chardonnay, grapes or juice, is hard to describe, like the smell of fresh pippin apples and pears combined, plus something ineffable that one comes to recognize, after many tries, as Chardonnay. To taste this wine is to taste that. This wine starts out with beautiful aromas of pear and pineapple that then are married together with the subtle fragrance of fresh bread and yeast. The flavor of fresh pears and honeydew melon are rich and round with a long creamy finish. Finest suede under hand, leaving your mouth with a fond memory that invites yet another sip


Varietal: Chardonnay

Region: Napa Valley