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Product Description

Launched in 1999, Eroica is a labor of love for two of the worlds great Riesling producers. One from the Old World, Dr. Loosen estate of Germany, and the other from the New World, Chateau Ste. Michelle of Washington state. An intermingling of Old and New World philosophies and techniques enables the crafting an extraordinary Riesling from Washington state grapes. Named for Beethovens Third Symphony, Eroica reflects not only its variety and site, but also its heritage: bold and forward from its Washington roots, elegant and refined from German inspiration. The partnership is proud to introduce Eroica Gold! TASTING NOTES Our new Eroica Gold Riesling offers the best of both worlds, the bright natural acidity of our original Eroica with concentrated, ripe fruit flavors and a touch of sweetness. German winemakers have been making Riesling with Botrytis influence for generations. Eroica Gold combines the trademark Washington acidity with German botrytis influence. The wine offers lush orange marmalade flavors with a crisp finish. Bob Bertheau, Winemaker VINTAGE ~ 2012 was a return to the classic Washington vintage and a much welcomed change from the cooler 2010 and 2011 vintages. ~ Bud break started slightly earlier than normal but cooler temperatures through the early summer delayed veraison slightly. ~ A warming trend began in late July and dry conditions through mid-October were ideal for fruit ripening. VINEYARDS ~ Eroica begins in the vineyard with Ernst Loosen and Chateau Ste. Michelle winemaker Bob Bertheau collaborating on site selection, irrigation management, crop levels and canopy management. ~ They work with vineyard managers to adjust yields and manage fruit exposure to prolong the ripening season for added flavor development of these cooler climate vineyards. ~ Over half of the fruit for Eroica Gold is sourced from the Viewcrest Vineyard in the Yakima Valley (62%). ~ Our 30-year-old Horse Heaven Vineyard, located adjacent to the Columbia River, also contributed to the blend (38%). WINEMAKING ~ To protect flavor intensity, grapes were harvested at night when the vineyard temperatures were coldest. ~ Berries went direct to press, avoiding the possible loss of freshness caused by a crusher/destemmer. ~ A cool fermentation created a seamless integration of fruit, sugar and acid. Fruit-driven yeasts with slower fermentation rates were used to slow down fermentation and heighten fruit flavors. ~ Ernst Loosen and Bob Bertheau considered dozens of small lots, each reflecting a slight difference in character depending on where the grapes were grown, resulting in the complexity of the final blend. 2012 EROICA GOLD RIESLING TECHNICAL DATA Total acidity......................0.85g/100ml pH ................................................... 2.92 Alcohol..........................................10% Residual sugar.................... 7.54g/100ml Blend .............................. 100% Riesling FOOD PAIRINGS Foods: Asian dishes, Indian curries, crab, scallops


Varietal: Riesling

Region: Yakima Valley

Region Description:

The Yakima Valley AVA was the first American Viticultural Area established within Washington State, gaining the recognition in 1983. Part of the larger Columbia Valley AVA, Yakima Valley AVA is home to more than 11,000 acres of vineyards, giving the area the largest concentration of wineries and vineyards in the state of Washington. The most widely planted varietals in the area are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Chardonnay and Riesling. Nearly 40% of Washington state yearly wine production is made from Yakima Valley grapes.