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Product Description

THE SPIRIT We make this vodka from a variety of California-grown hot and sweet peppers (jalapenos, Serranos, habaneros, red and yellow bell peppers) that build layers of sweet, savory heat. Lime peel and fresh cilantro add even more vibrancy and depth of flavor. THE PROCESS To make our Green Chile Vodka, we fill our 1,500-liter still with crushed jalapeno peppers, lime peel, and a non-GMO base spirit and distill this through a Carter head assembly that has been layered with fresh cilantro. We infuse the other four types of peppers (Serrano, habanero, red and yellow sweet bell peppers) separately, and then blend each infusion with the distillate of jalapenos, lime, and cilantro. We then filter to remove visible impurities before bottlingthe light green tint that remains is the result of the pepper infusion we perform just prior to filtration. THE EXPERIENCE Think boozy salsa fresca! Fresh, sweet, and brightwith just enough capsicum punch to make sure that you know we crushed tens of thousands of pounds of green jalapenos to make it. The sweet/savory heat makes it ideal for the best-ever Bloody Mary, a spin on a Margarita, a zesty Gimlet, or whenever youre craving something fresh and spicy in your glass. Find a few recipes ideas here. WHAT THEYRE SAYING A real stunner. Its got an invigorating snap of heat, and a seductively smooth mouth-feel. Los Angeles Times Exudes pure, fresh pepper flavor without too much spice. Use it to add a peppery punch to your next Bloody Mary or a savory layer to your next Margarita, or simply mix it in a highball with honey syrup and soda. Imbibe SPECS Format: 750ml ABV: 40%


Varietal: Vodka

Region: California

Region Description:

California produces the majority of wine made in the United States. Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Zinfandel and Pinot Noir dominate the wine production in California, but many other varietials thrive in the California climate. Many fine wines are produced in California using Mediterranean grapes.