Product Description

Our 2014 Smoking Loon El Carancho Malbec entices with complex aromas of blueberry pie filling, dried oregano and hints of cedar and spearmint. Flavors of cherry preserves, pomegranate reduction and caramel on the finish make this a lovely wine for any occasion. Fourteen months oak aging is evident in our wines polished tannins, richness and flavor complexity. Enjoy this memorable Malbec with sticky barbecue beef ribs, grilled chicken and grilled corn with jalapeño-lime dressing. APPELLATION Chiles natural boundaries are clearly dened. At the north end is the Atacama Desert, the south end is dened by the Patagonian glaciers, the eastern border is marked by the great Andes Mountain Range, and to the west is the Pacic Ocean. Together these distinct barriers help to maintain healthy growing conditions, protecting vineyards from pests and disease. Stretching nearly 250 miles from north to south, Valle Central of Chile is one of the largest wine regions in South America. In this region, vines thrive in uninterrupted sunshine. As night falls, cold air descends from the snow-covered peaks of the Andes. This temperature swing provides the environment wine grapes need to develop fresh fruit characteristics and crisp acidity. Chilean vineyards benet from the abundant water for irrigation which flows from the eternal ice caps of the Andes. Chiles unique geography and climate make for an ideal winegrowing region. VINTAGE Chiles growing season started with widespread frosts in mid-September, dropping the countrys annual production between 25 and 50 percent. Due to a smaller harvest and barely any rain during bud break, owering and ripening, harvest came earlier than in previous vintages. In addition, warmer than usual temperatures and an ongoing water shortage added stress to the grapes and produced some excellent quality wines. They were marked with balance, intense color and expressive fruit characteristics. Varietal Malbec Appellation Valle Central, Chile Vintage 2014 Alcohol 13.5% pH 3.59 TA 5.4 g/L