Cognac and Brandy



750 ml


Product Description

Copper & Kings is an incredible example of innovation and sustainability in the distilled spirits industry. Copper & Kings uses solar panels, recycles their water and used the recycled wood from the renovation of their building to create tables and shelves. They also use repurposed shipping containers for their retail and event space. Outside they have even created a Monarch butterfly garden to serve as a migratory way station.

They use three Vendome copper pot stills named after women in Bob Dylan songs and utilize a technique they call "sonic aging" in their basement barrel warehouse. They have five major sub-woofers blasting rock and roll music 24 hours a day. The pulsation of the music frequencies moves the spirits in the barrels for increased contact with the wood.

Copper & Kings Single Barrel Cask Strength - Haskell's Exclusive Handpicked Private Cask

Alcohol Content/ Proof: 63% ABV 126* Proof
Copper pot-distilled, non-chill filtered, no added boise (oak flavor or infusion) and no added sugar or caramel color.

This one comes in at 126 proof, so there is some heat, but there is also incredible, rich, full flavor. Definitely not your granddad's brandy!


Varietal: Brandy

Region: Kentucky