Lager - Import

12 oz

12 bottles


Product Description

Schlitz, long known as "The beer that made Milwaukee famous" was first brewed by Joseph Schlitz in 1849. That's before the internal combustion engine, telephone or light bulb was invented. Schlitz was the best selling beer in the world in 1956, and although it can't make that claim today, it is still brewed with the same great ingredients and quality that Mr. Schlitz intended. Schlitz is one of the undiscovered gems of American beer and today, young adult consumers are embracing the brew because it has stayed true to itself and hasn't "sold out". When you're ready to discover something new (or old in this case), reach for a Schlitz and see what we mean when we say it's "Just the Kiss of Hops".


Varietal: Lager - Import

Region: Wisconsin