750 ML


Product Description

This brilliant and lively young wine has a soft yellow color with slightly green hues. Its vivacious flavor and aroma has luscious tropical notes with delicate undertones of maracuyá, guava, mango and pineapple. Its pleasant acidity provides an elegant, lingering persistency. Warm on the palate, it perfectly complements many foods. Suggested Food: Casseroles, salads, shellfish, fish, cheese, white meats.


Varietal: Chardonnay

Region: Aconcagua

Region Description:

The most northerly of Chile’s major wine regions is made up of several distinct zones. These range from Errazuriz in the hot interior and Panquehue in the gentle intermediate region, cooled by coastal breezes to the cooler and more recently established Casablanca region near Valparaiso on the coast itself. In the hotter, more northerly and interior regions, red wines dominate—predominantly cabernet sauvignon, but also merlot, syrah and more recently nebbiolo and sangiovese grapes. In the cooler Casablanca region, white wines dominate. Initially chardonnays were the grapes of choice, but more recently significant plantings of sauvignon blanc have occurred.