Santa Margherita Prosecco


750 ML


Product Description

Crafted with Glera grapes (also known as Prosecco grapes) grown in the famed Valdobbiadene DOCG region, its fruit-forward flavor sets it apart from Spanish Cava and French Champagne. Perfect for almost any occasion and the key ingredient in a classic Bellini cocktail. Tasting Notes Delicate and dry. Sparkles with a bouquet of peach and apple. Floral flavors with hints of citrus. Pairing Notes Perfect for so many occasions and with so many foods, Prosecco is a wonderful aperitif, first course, or dessert wine. Its also the ultimate foil for rich, salty foods like charcuterie.


Varietal: Brut

Region: Prosecco di Valdobbiadene - Cruner