Wheat Ale

Samuel Adams Dark Depths

India Pale Ale

22 oz

1 bottle


Product Description

Flavor: This beer has a lot of hop complexity with notes of orange citrus as well as earthy, herbal, and floral flavors and a big spicy character. Color: Dark mahogany, 60 SRM Original Gravity: 18.5° Plato Alcohol by Vol/Wt: 7.6%ABV 5.9%ABW Calories/12 oz.: 254 IBUs: 55 Malt Varieties: Samuel Adams two-row pale malt blend, Caramel 60, Munich, Carafa I Hop Variety: Zeus, Ahtanum, Saaz, East Kent Goldings, Topaz, and Simcoe hops Yeast Strain: Samuel Adams lager yeast Availability: Year round First Brewed: 2012


Varietal: India Pale Ale

Region: Massachusetts