Ruffino Prosecco


750 ML


Product Description

GRAPE VARIETAL 100% Prosecco VINEYARDS Ruffino Prosecco has been produced from grapes grown in highly vocated vineyards located in the Northeastern regions of Italy, defined by the Prosecco Doc code of production. VINIFICATION AND AGEING The selected grapes of Prosecco undergo a traditional white wine vinification. Then the wine undergo the Charmat Method, which consists in a natural re-fermentation in pressurized tanks using selected yeasts. This process, lasting approx. one month, provides refined bubbles and preserves the fruity aromas typical of the Prosecco varietal. Alcohol content: 11% vol. SENSORY PROPERTIES Color: Bright straw yellow with fine bubbles. Aroma: The bouquet is fragrant and intensely fruity. It shows clean notes of apples, pears and citrus, accompanied by slight hints of hawthorn, wisteria and elder. Tasting profile: Crisp, clean and delicate with fine bubble caressing the palate. Intense sensations of apples and peaches drive a pleasant aftertaste, that is reminiscent of fruity and floral aromas. SERVING SUGGESTIONS Serving temperature: 45°-48° F Pairings: Ideal as an aperitif; it is very versatile as a food companion. Ruffino Prosecco perfectly matches with pizza, fish and shellfish dishes as well as white meat dishes. Best when young; drink within four months from the purchase.


Varietal: Prosecco

Region: Prosecco