Single Malt Whisky

750 ML


Product Description

Oregon Single Malt Whiskey is made using Risk™ malt grown on Rogue's Micro Barley Farm in the Tygh Valley Appellation. Harvested barley is transported to Great Western Malting where it is malted and roasted. At the Brewery in Newport, Oregon, Brewmaster John Maier brews wort and ferments adding distillers yeast. At nearby House of Spirits, Master Distiller John Couchot uses mash to make whiskey.


Varietal: Single Malt Whisky

Region: Oregon

Region Description:

This state’s strict wine laws demand that variety wines must contain at least 90% of the named grape (except for Cabernet Sauvignon). The region’s cool climate comes from its proximity to the Pacific and its primary grapes are Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris. The latter wine is usually medium bodied, with aromas reminiscent of pears and apples and a surprising depth and complexity. Oregon Pinot Gris is a great food wine, and works especially well with seafood and salmon. Pinot Noir is a more expensive wine here, but that is because it can be such a difficult grape to grow that yields are inevitably low. The best Oregon Pinot Noirs are balanced, fruity and full.