Pinot Noir


Pinot Noir

750 ML


Product Description

90 POINTS - WINE SPECTATOR Winemaker Tasting Notes: "Dark in color, a brooding basket of pomegranate, black cherry and earthiness in the nose. The front palate is spice-driven with potent dark black fruit and delicate grippy tannins. It has zippy acid with pomegranate extract, black cherry and a velvety finish. This is straight up in the mouth, deep, fruit flavors with powerful body, but a gentrified style and structurefor all those big Pinot lovers." - Rollin Soles ON SALE NOW! $40.00 per bottle ($32.00 for Club Members) Winemakers Production Notes ROCO Pinot noir is hand picked and then chilled overnight to 38°F in our large cold room. The chilled bunches are gently de-­stalked and the whole berries fall into small 1.6 ton open fermenters. The berries soak for about five days before beginning ferment with our proprietary, house-­cultured indigenous wine yeast. Soaking allows gentle extraction of color and flavor from the berry skin and not the bitter-tasting seeds. The fermentations are hand punched twice a day to mix skins and fermenting juices. Ferments are allowed to reach about 28°C. A post-fermentation soak occurs until the wine is just right for removing from the skins and seeds. At that time the ferment is gently pressed in our large tank press. The young wine is sent to barrel for Malo-­lactic fermentation to soften the acidity and to add further complexity. After MLF, the wines are racked once to a mix of one, two and three­-year-old, new, tight-grained, French oak barrels. The wines are aged in barrel for 18 or more months before bottling. Winemaker's Vintage Notes In 26 years of farming in the Willamette Valley, wed never experienced two back-to-back vintages with flowering in the vineyards as late as July, until 2011. Never say never because Mother Nature is full of surprises. In 2011, the cool weather demanded that we keep the crops low and hope for a long Indian summer. By mid October we did have a 10-day window of semi-dry weather with temperatures in the mid 70s. We were high-fiving ourselves when the grapes came in at 20.5 Brix. This year we learned that late season ripening of a small crop can lead to great results AND that vineyard sites matter more than the amount of sugar in the grapes. Sure enough, the wines turned out far above what the numbers would indicate. This 2011 Pinot noir is proof of the sophistication possible in a true, cool-climate wine grape region. Late-harvested Pinot noir develops more intense, leap-out-of-the-glass aromatics than wines from earlier harvested vintages. Additionally, late-harvested Pinot noir is the only red variety that builds power while remaining graceful with age... Just like the best of us! Heres to 2011! The 2011 ROCO wines are beautiful, perfumed and have surprising depth, complexity and finish to them. Harvest Date10/25/2011 Aging18+ months Alcohol12.50%


Varietal: Pinot Noir

Region: Yamhill County