750 ML


Product Description

Though cold winter rains persisted into May, our estate vineyard escaped damage and set an abundant crop. June and July were unusually warm, allowing the vines to catch up after their late start; abundant groundwater minimized stress. The weather cooled in August, slowing ripening; we harvested in October. The grapes were whole-cluster pressed, and racked to barrel. A lengthy natural-yeast cold fermentation finished by year's end; during the uninoculated secondary which followed, the lees were stirred every few weeks. By April, the lots were ready for blind tasting to determine assemblage. We selected the wine from four vineyard parcels where the vines showed least stress. Once assembled, it was allowed to settle, then racked off its lees for an unfiltered bottling. Elegant and approachable, this fine chardonnay will continue to develop over the next three to four years. EB (7/07)


Varietal: Chardonnay

Region: Santa Cruz Mountains