Flavored Vodka

750 ML


Product Description

We at Referent vodka, are not doctors, nor do we ever claim that our vodka will make you live longer, or will cure disease. But, that being said the common cold, a stomach ache as well as a bland beverage will be significantly improved and forbearing by our 100% horseradish vodka. Furthermore, the common hangover will be greatly reduced even when consuming that extra beverage. As stated by many reliable sources, the horseradish has a multitude of natural qualities. Thus the horseradish plant has unique filtering, and diffusing qualities which rid ethyl alcohol of (congeners) its natural impurities that dehydrate the body and cause the hangover. On top of all the above, the taste of this 100% natural vodka will delight you and will leave you craving for more. So enjoy our natural beverage for any occasion. Whether it's to spice up your Bloody Mary on game day, to ease the pain or enjoy it as an aperitif before a grand meal. Drink it in moderation, and be amazed at the uniqueness of our product.


Varietal: Flavored Vodka

Region: Minnesota