Ramos Pinto White Port

White Port

750 ML


Product Description

Thanks to the extended skin contact and wood aging, Adriano Ramos-Pinto's white ports are richer and more complex than many white portos. A rich golden yellow, this distinctive port has wonderful primary aromas of pineapple, banana and adamado, balanced by mature secondary aromas. In the mouth it is light and smooth with a delicate sweetness. Fresh, fruity, slightly dry...delightful! Serving Suggestions: Ramos-Pinto Fine White Porto must be drunk slightly cool (between 10-18C, 50-64F). During hot Portugal summers, the shippers enjoy it chilled over ice with a twist of lemon and/or splash of soda. Excellent as an apéritif or with sweeter desserts. Alcohol: 19.4% by volume


Varietal: White Port

Region: Portugal

Region Description:

Well known for its Port and Vinho Verde wines, Portugal is one of Europe’s leading wine producing countries. It competes closely with Germany for the position of fourth largest wine producer in Europe. Portugal is also the worlds leading producer of cork. Single-handedly it accounts for nearly 70 percent of the worlds commercially traded cork supply.