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Quintessa Rutherford

Dry Red Table Wine

750 ML


Product Description

Due to a very concentrated vintage, the 2004 Quintessa takes a departure into the realm of power, allthe while maintaining the finesse and elegance that have been the signature of the wine from the Quintessa Estate since its inception. An opaque jet black robe leads to a bold attack, transitioning into a weighty layered mid-palette of infinite complexity. The finish is supple and round with good length and exquisitely forged tannins.


Varietal: Dry Red Table Wine

Region: Rutherford

Region Description:

The region of Rutherford is a large alluvial fan north of Oakville that spreads north and south in the middle of Napa Valley, CA. This sloping mass of sediments deposited by the river gave birth to some of the most famous and historic wineries in Napa. Composed of gravelly, sandy clay loam soil, in recent years you can't hear much about Rutherford without the fraise "Rutherford Dust", most likely do to the warm growing temperatures. Rutherford warm weather is well suited for the Cabernet Sauvignon which is the main wine of the region.