Spiced Rum

750 ML


Product Description

The Story PUSSERS is the original Navy Rum as served on board warships of Great Britains Royal Navy for more than 350 years from about 1655 to 1970. It was a part of the life and times of Nelson and the old navy so aptly described in the novels of Patrick OBrian? PUSSERS 350 years of Liquid History has become the standard by which other dark rums are measured. PUSSERS was never sold or offered to the public until 1979. Prior to this, if a rum connoisseur managed to obtain a tot or two, it was valued for a very special occasion. The Blend PUSSERS full, rich flavor is all natural, no flavoring agents are added. It is the only rum whose flavor is sufficiently distinctive to be savored through the ingredients of just about any cocktail. Sensory Notes The color is a rich mahogany, though clear. The aroma is a burst of classic Demerara with a wonderful mix of brown sugar and molasses. Notes of leather, tobacco, dried sultanas, nutmeg, clove, and cassia. The aroma finishes with soft oak, caramel, and rich English toffee.


Varietal: Spiced Rum

Region: Virgin Islands