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Pinot Noir

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Pommard belonged to the thirteenth century to Alix de Vergy, wife of the Duke of Burgundy Eudes II. In 1224 and 1240, she donated it to the archbishops of Lyon. Then, Pommard successively became the property of the ducal estate, large families and religious orders. With the Revolution, the property was split up, as across the vineyards of Côte d'Or. The floors and basements give the Pommard color, strength and exemplary aromatic expression. As wrote Victor Hugo, the wines of Pommard were "breath, inspiration and sometimes genius ". Tasting notes Bouquet revealing fruity aromas and wild with what to barrel. Structure, farm, it is a wine with a strong personality. Full-bodied in his youth, he softens with age. Good potential. Expertise Working the vines: The grapes come from the Domaine and purchasing contracts. We work in a spirit of close cooperation with our partners, which we bring all our knowledge and our know-how for and a vintage meeting our quality requirements. The vinification and aging: Depending on the vintage profile, vatting lasts 8 to 15 days before breeding takes place during 8 to 14 months in oak barrels from France, with 20 to 40% new barrels. Aging: The wine boasts optimum environmental conditions cellars Bastions of the old Château de Beaune.


Varietal: Pinot Noir

Region: Pommard