Wheat Ale


Belgian Wheat Ale

12 oz

4 bottles


Product Description

High, white, fluffy summer clouds. A soft breeze through a citrus grove. A heavenly bite of orange chiffon cake. All of these come to your mind as you lift our pale golden wheat ale to your lips. It's so soft, so light on your tongue, you think, as the tart lemon, bitter orange, and subtle spiciness of coriander arrive to round out the intriguing delicacy of this delicious ale. You smile, knowing there are five more of them in the fridge. Crafted for summer session drinking, is a traditional white ale, or witbier; pale in color, with a high, white frothy head and refreshing flavors of orange, lemon, coriander, and wheat. Witte is also Brewery Ommegang's first ale to be offered on draft. Try Ommegang Witte at: a picnic with light summer foods, appetizers, salads, and barbeques. Or while sitting on the beach, watching clouds drift by.


Varietal: Belgian Wheat Ale

Region: New York