Wheat Ale


Belgian Amber Ale

12 oz

4 bottles


Product Description

Named after a Brussels bar made famous as the starting point for bicycle and pigeon races, our Rare Vos Amber Ale is also a great place to begin your virtual taste test. As you pour, you'll notice the beautiful coppery-amber color and the rich creamy head. Lift the glass to your mouth and enjoy the aroma of spicy orange blossoms. Taste, and the pleasant mellow flavor of caramel malt glides easily into a dry, hop finish. Once you've finished, start again (after all, this isn't a race). Intended for the café as well as the dinner table, Rare Vos is an amber ale of medium color and strength. It sports aromas and flavors of caramel, orange, hops, plus an elusive fruity-yeasty flavor which will have you tasting in circles. Try Rare Vos with: bar foods, pasta, burgers, designer pizza, mussels and frites, as well as grilled fish, mixed grills, conch fritters, crab and crayfish, Jamaican jerk chicken, paellas, chorizos and merguez, tapas, and Cuban pork.


Varietal: Belgian Amber Ale

Region: New York