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Dry White Table Wine

750 ML


Product Description

Tasting Notes Fresh and racy, with elegant aromatics and white stone fruit. Ageing Potential Can be aged for 1 3 years Blend Information 71% Savignon Blanc, 26% Semilon, 3% Viognier Food Suggestions The Nuntius White pairs with our South African Coasts Oceans bounty and café style lighter meals! Sushi, Thai dishes, Vietnamese eating, and Mediterranean flavours such as Italian pizza's and pasta's!. Dishes such as seared tuna, soufflés, the perfect roast chicken and dim sum morsels... In The Vineyard Southern Slopes, Bokkeveld Shale, 9 year old vines, area 68h, 6 wire Perold, drip irrigation, clone SB 10/R110 About The Harvest Hand harvested at 22.5 23° baling Yield: 8t/ht Date: 13/02 to 20/02 In The Cellar Reductive winemaker, soft press up to 0.8 bar, cold fermentation at 11 12 decrees C, Semillion partly fermented in neutral oak vats, up to 6 months maturation.


Varietal: Dry White Table Wine

Region: Walker Bay