12 Cider House Sparkling Dry Cider


750 ML

1 bottle


Product Description

Balance is everything . . . In life, and in great ciders. Number 12 is no different. We are continuously experimenting to achieve a perfect balance. Number 12 has just the right amount of dry and tart, with an appley bouquet and a perfect sparkle. It is the culmination of 17 years of experimentation. And were ready to share! Number 12 gets its namesake from the 12th recipe developed in 2011. It became our first award winner and the beginning of our recognition from the cider community. Since then, Number 12 has become more of a concept, our ideal if you will. It represents the idea that greatness in cider is out there somewhere . . . To strive for, to create, to perfect!


Varietal: Cider

Region: Minnesota