Syrah / Shiraz

750 ML


Product Description

Pigeage is the French word for crushing grapes by foot, a traditional practice in the northern Rhône Valley, and at Neyers Vineyards. Whole clusters of grapes are dumped directly into a fermentation tank, and a worker wearing flexible waders walks in circles on top of these whole berries for 30 minutes or so. The process is normally repeated twice daily, and after a week or so enough juice has been released by the process that the cap can be manually 'punched down', to stay in contact with the fermenting juice. With Syrah in particular, our traditional pigeage results in a wine with better color, less tannin and a more complex aroma. Over the past five vintages, every bottling of this wine has received a score of 92, 93 or 94 POINTS from The Wine Advocate, The Wine Spectator or The International Wine Cellar. The 2009 vintage of our Old Lakeville Syrah is easily our best one to date.


Varietal: Syrah / Shiraz

Region: Sonoma Coast

Region Description:

In California, This is a 500,000 acre wine region spanning from San Pablo Bay to the border of Mendocino County. The appellation runs down the coast of the Pacific Ocean and is known for its cool climate and high rainfall. The grapes that produce the best wines from this region are Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.