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Chateau Musar Jeune Blanc

Dry White Table Wine

750 ML


Product Description

The Musar Jeune white represents a new direction in style for Chateau Musar it was first de- veloped in 2006 to express the vibrant flavours of grapes from young Bekaa Valley vines. The 3 varietal components 35% Viognier, 35% Vermentino and 30% Chardonnay are an ec- lectic blend of French and Sicilian varieties (none of which are found in Chateau Musar White) were harvested in August 2012 and fermented in stainless steel vats between 19 ° c and 21 ° c, followed by blending, cold stabilisation and bottling during the first quarter of 2013. As last year, the harvest was delayed in 2012 by 20 days because of higher than average rainfall during April and May which also delayed flowering in the spring. The Chardonnay was the first to arrive at the winery with a very low yield of 15 hl/ha, (Chardonnay was the first grape in bud and therefore faced the mid April frosts which resulted in a loss of some buds contribut- ing to the low yield this year.) Viognier followed with a yield of 25 hl/ha and Vermentino with a yield of 18 hl/ha, was harvested the last. The vines used for the Musar Jeune White come from two different terroirs from our organically certified vineyards: Chardonnay and Vermentino are grown on limestone based soils, while the Viognier comes from vineyards with silty soils. Due to the climatic conditions during 2012, this vintage has produced richly concentrated wines of good acidity, maturation with expressive aromas unique to this year. Pale lemon in colour with aromas of tropical fruit pineapples, lychees, pears and apricots. There are also hints of orange blossom, honeysuckle and floral notes on the nose as well as on the palate, which is full bodied and concentrated with citrus fruits of mandarins, lemons and limes. As with all Musar bottlings, it has its own distinct personality, which it is not afraid to reveal: with its silky textures, refined acidity and dry refreshing finish.


Varietal: Dry White Table Wine

Region: Lebanon