Wheat Ale



16 oz

4 bottles


Product Description

Murphy's is our stout - a distinctive, premium stout, with a smooth and bitter flavor, which distinguishes it from their stout. It is brewed using all natural ingredients, which includes pale malt, roasted materials, water, hops and yeast. This combination of ingredients gives the beer its distinctive appearance and taste. One of the most important aspects of drinking a Murphy's is the perfect pour. In fact, the pour has become such an art form that Murphy's developed a web game to let consumers virtually try pouring the perfect pint at: www.drinkmurphys.com. In real life, the Murphy's pour takes a special talent. The first variable is tap temperature Murphy's should be served between 39 and 43 degrees Fahrenheit. Second, is the glass angle the glass should be held at a 45 degree angle to get the optimum pour, filling about 70% of the glass. Next, wait a few moments before topping off your Murphy's to create a smooth foamy head. Yes, it takes patience and practice, but Murphy's is worth the wait. If you're not drinking Murphy's on tap at your local pub, you can still get the same creamy, smooth pint at home. The widget, found in Murphy's cans, contains the gas required to create the draughtflow effect when the can is opened. Ah, a smooth Murphy's right at home.


Varietal: Stout

Region: Ireland