Wheat Ale

Mikkeller I Beat yoU

India Pale Ale

11.2 oz

1 bottle


Product Description

Cloudy, raw-honey color, offwhite head, moderate size and fluffy, totally lasting, sticky, thick lace blobs. Aroma of hops with tropical fruit, very floral, citrus notes, big malts, baked wheat cookies. Smells delicious. Mouth is fullish, light carbonation, balanced to dry finish, a bit sticky on the lips. Flavor is malty-sweet with brown sugar, light caramel malt, hints of roast malt, and a bunch of hops with lots of flavors--floral, peach, pineapple, orange, pine. Lots of hops. Long, hodge-podge finish laden with hops over an underlying maltiness that hints of bread. Complex. Almost harsh, but still a little easy to drink because of the tremendous malts...a big beer, and yummy! Might be amazing fresh...


Varietal: India Pale Ale

Region: Denmark