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Dry Red Table Wine

750 ML


Product Description

the story: Do you eat dessert first? Do you keep an emergency supply of cupcakes on hand at all times? Have you ever met a piece of strudel you didnt like? Then you, my friend, are an official Sweetie Pie. If you believe the world should be a sweeter place (and that includes the world of wine), this scrumptious red is made especially for you. Life is sweet. And now, whats in our glass is too. whats in it? A top-secret red blend developed with input from the Wine Sisterhood! how was it made? Fermented cool in stainless steel tanks wood? Nope. No oak. smells like… …sweet jammy fruit, berry tart with a touch of cinnamon… tastes like… …a mouthful of ripe red berries with a refreshing hint of cranberry. Soft and silky on the mid-palate with a lingering finish of blackberries and cassis. yummy with… Barbecued chicken, brisket or ribs, grilled steaks, burgers or sausages.


Varietal: Dry Red Table Wine

Region: Santa Rosa