750 ML


Product Description

COLOR: Very intense violet-red. NOSE: The first notes which appear, previous to the swirling are those that come from the Malbec, such as black cherries, prunes, raisins and Jam. After more swirling fruits appear, such as cassis, raspberries and blackberries, together with the chocolate, vanilla, toast and caramel which come from its aging in new French oak barrels. MOUTH: Full-bodied wine, with a lot of structure and volume, rapidly fills the mouth. The tannins are quite present, but very mature, rounded and sweet. These tannins come mainly from the Cabernet Sauvignon, with the Malbec contributing the fat, meaty round flavors, which characterize it. The aromas, which appear in the mouth, are similar to those detected by the nose. It is a very long wine, since its aromas persist in the mouth for quite a prolonged time after drinking.


Varietal: Malbec

Region: Mendoza