Dry Rosé




750 ML

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Wine experts agree that the world's best rose wines come from Provence, the site of France's oldest vinayards.  Provence remains the pinnacle of rose winemaking due to the area's heritage, the region's production standards and the long-established traditions.  Mado en Provence Rose is light pink in color with a fine and pleasant nose of spring flowers and lemon notes. It is well-balanced and subtle with crushed strawberries and citrus fruits aromas.  Produced from 50% Grenache, 40% Cinsault and 10% Syrah, Mado en Provence pairs well with grilled fish or white and cooked meats. It is also a beautiful as an aperitif. 

The bottle itself is unique and is not closed with either a cork nor a screwcap.  It is sealed with a glass stopper and can be reused as a carafe after enjoying the delicate and beautiful wine within.


Varietal: Rose

Region: Cotes du Provence