Cognac and Brandy



750 ML


Product Description

Gold Medal (Best in Class) at International Wine and Spirits Competition 2011 Gold Medal (Best in Class) at International Spirit Challenge 2013 Gold Medal at Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2013 Aged for an average of 3 years in the Solera and Criadera maturing system. Aged in casks which have previously contained fine Amontillado Sherries. Very attractive amber tones with greenish reflections. Nutty and vanilla aromas with a mellow,although intense palate. Alcohol Density pH Volatile acidity Residual Sugar 40 0,984 4 0,2 20


Varietal: Brandy

Region: Jerez/Xérès/Sherry

Region Description:

Jerez is one of the oldest wine producing towns in Spain. Around 1490 trade had been established with the French and the British. The French and British adopted their own names for the wine which is why you will see all three names one a label of Xeres. (Jerez / Xerez /Sherry) The global positioning of the Jerez region plays a big part in regulating its climate. Like many semi-coastal regions, the ocean winds have a strong influence on the weather. In the 1800's, a vine disease called Phyloxerra destroyed many varieties that once grew in this region. Of the three grapes planted in Jerez today, Palimino accounts for 95 percent of the total vineyard area.