Product Description

The concept of lot wines at Louis M. Martini dates back to 1968 when Louis P. Martini, Michael Martini's father, first made luxury Cabernet Sauvignons from selected barrels which he named by lot numbers. At that time, Louis was making Cabernets in the league with other Napa Valley greats such as George De Latour, Heitz Martha's Vineyard and Robert Mondavi. Sourcing of his fruit likely included Monte Rosso grapes and other vineyards from his friends in the Napa Valley. Today, Michael Martini continues to enjoy access to premium Napa Valley vineyards and to blend Cabernet Sauvignon from the best mountaintop AVAs, just as his father did. Our 2011 254 Series Red Wine, is a combination of grapes coming from Howell Mountain, Oakville and Stags Leap. It is unlike any other blend produced at Louis M. Martini, celebrating 80 years of family winemaking in the Napa Valley.