Cabernet Sauvignon



Cabernet Sauvignon

750 ml


Product Description

“Before my family established roots in California’s wine country, my great-grandfather, Rees T. Jenkins ranched and farmed in Lander, Nevada. In his day, all farming was done ‘the natural way’ and sustainably. Today, we continue his commitment to sustainable winegrowing. It’s best for the land and the grapes and essential to crafting the finest, most flavorful wines.”

— Morgan Zaninovich, 3rd Generation Winegrower

An excellent growing season, with warms days and fog-cooled evenings, resulting in elegant wines with rich structure. This wine is 87% Cabernet with a blend of other red fruit selected from premium California vineyards, including Napa Valley. Bright aromas of Bing cherry, smoky tobacco and luscious blackberry. Silky, medium-bodied with lush flavors of blueberry, rich toffee notes and subtle touches of cranberry.


Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon

Region: California