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Conte Ferdinando Guicciardini La Historia di Italia

Proprietary Blend - Red

750 ML

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Product Description

Francesco Guicciardini, politician, diplomat and statesman from Florence, in his last years (1537-1540) retired in Arcetri and Poppiano where he wrote part of his masterpiece Historia d'Italia, the first historical work analyzing the Italian events in the wider frame of the great European policy. This wine, produced in Poppiano, the land he owned, is meant as a tribute to their eminent Ancestor, the father of modern historiography.

100% Merlot, La Historia di Italia is aged at least 12 months in French oak with an additional aging in the bottle for at least another 4 months.  The result is a wine with great structure and elegance.  It is a well-balanced and harmonic wine with great freshness and maturity surrounded by velvety tannins.  You will find a lingering and intense aromatic finish with flavors of plums and a hint of balsamic.


Varietal: Proprietary Blend - Red

Region: Colli della Toscana Centrale