750 ML


Product Description

Fitzgerald Gin, Formula No. 1, is a classic London dry style gin, leading with a strong juniper flavor backed by citrus, angelica root, and licorice root. The result is a gin that stands on its own, but is equally tasty in a cocktail or mixed drink. Fitzgerald Gin, Formula No. 1, kicks off Du Nords unique project to discover Minnesotas Gin. Du Nord will release three gin formulas; each formula will have a unique mix of botanicals and distinct characteristics ranging from classic London dry to new-world styles to hop-spiked juniper creations. Visitors to the soon-to-open Cocktail Room will be able to sample each formula and vote for their favorite. The winning formula, to be revealed in spring of 2015, will be forever known as Fitzgerald Gin making Fitzgerald the first gin to be chosen by its consumers.


Varietal: Gin

Region: Minnesota