Kunde Merlot


750 ML


Product Description

"The fact is, Kunde Estate's vineyards are located at a great spot in Sonoma Valley for growing superb Merlot grapes. Go further south, and it gets too cool for the fully ripe flavors we love. Go up north in the valley and it starts to get too darn hot and dry. This wine is text book with ripe black cherry flavors, and a hint of toasty oak, supple tannins, and a milk chocolate flavor that lingers after each sip. With a texture and body falling somewhere between Cabernet and Pinot Noir, this beauty can match so many foods: pasta with fresh tomatoes, parmesan, and basil; grilled chicken or ahi; even a nice juicy steak. Enjoy the taste that comes from our Merlot-growing "sweet spot"


Varietal: Merlot

Region: North Coast