Wheat Ale



750 ML

1 bottle


Product Description

In 2015 we have found another years harvest really worth celebrating and brewed a phenomenal Harvest Ale. Darker and richer than the many that have come before, the 2015 edition will surprise and delight. To look at, the beer is slightly darker than previous vintages, with flavours of toffee and sherry. But as with all JW Lees Harvest Ale, these flavours will develop in the bottle as the beer ages. Harvest Ale is a limited edition vintage barley wine, made once and once only from the first hops of the year and the very finest British malt. The beer quickly gained a cult following of ale enthusiasts who recognised its quality and relish in the different flavours each vintage brings and the evolution that comes with ageing over time. In the past 29 years, the beer has grown in popularity and in some bars around the world it has gained legendary status, with older vintages being highly sought after and changing hands for up to $60 per bottle. STYLEBARLEY WINE / ABV 11.5% SEEMAHOGANY SMELLMOLASSES TASTETOFFEE, SHERRY, RICH MALT BITTER3.0 SWEET3.5 Beer StrengthABV 11.5% Style of BeerStyle of Beer: Barley Wine Style of BeerAlso Available in 275ml Bottles Beer availability Available: All Year


Varietal: Ale

Region: United Kingdom